Proper cyber security

Today every company, whether it’s a large enterprise or a small business, can become the target of a cyber attack.  

In fact, they all are, on a daily basis.  

Therefore every company needs proper cyber security to prevent and correct the potential financial, legal, privacy or other damage that can be caused by cyber attacks.


Magic Stone delivers custom cyber security solutions and services based on the best Israeli cyber technology.

We deliver best-of-breed solutions for enterprise security and aim to make best-of-breed solutions affordable for the small and medium business.

We work as a network of experts, bringing the best products and cyber security know-how and experience together to fit our client’s needs.


Cyber security can be divided into several challenge areas, each with it’s own complexity and technology solutions.

PROTECTION   – How to protect the organization against cyber attacks

DETECTION AND RESPONSE    – How to manage the inevitable exposure to cyber attacks

RECOVERY   – How to prepare for and manage recovery from cyber attacks with minimum damage. 


By implementing protection measures an organization can limit the risks, and make it more difficult for cyber attackers to break in.

Protection and prevention measures are not a guarantee but just as necessary as a lock on the front door or installing a fire alarm.   

 Most organizations already have the basics covered but if in doubt, this is the starting point for checking your level of cyber readiness.

Key preventive measures are:

–  Network security, e.g. firewalls, network segmentation, VPN and strong authentication

– Anti virus and anti malware software, pop-up blockers and a managed Internet browser policy

– Security patch management

– Employee awareness, Phishing simulation attacks to educate to increase alertness, e.g. how to recognize and handle suspicious email, simplifying end-user response

– Vulnarability and compliancy scans

– Planned Penetration Testing


Protection and prevention measures are not a guarantee for safety, and cyber attacks become increasingly sophisticated.

An organization therefore must actively monitor, detect and manage attacks and breaches.
The aim is to identify and remove threats as quickly as possible and with minimum demage to the organization.

One of the main challenges is the huge amount of data to monitor, doing this manually (with or without a SIEM solution) is a tedious and very time consuming activity. 

Advanced solutions using Artificial Intelligence dramatically increase efficiency of the monitoring and help security experts to focus on selected potential threats.   

Advanced solutions can also automate Incident Response, e.g. blocking a suspicious email or suspicious access to a server, hereby minimizing potential demage while security experts investigate the threat.  

Monitoring and Incident Response as a service (SaaS) can be delivered to companies that choose not to have this expertise in-house.


It is important to plan for and have the tools to enable recovery of business critical data with minimum loss.   

The required infrastructure and tooling for this purpose are not cyber security specific. 

Magic Stone can support you with sanity scans and advice.   


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