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Magic Stone Cyber Security was founded in 2019 by Dutch IDF veterans.

Magic Stone combines the best of Israeli cyber security technology with local market expertise to deliver managed cyber security services for both large enterprise, medium and small businesses.


Every company, big or small, should be able to protect itself properly from cyber threat, yet most small and medium companies are not. Through the global networks all companies are connected in one way or another, therefore vulnerability of any company is a vulnerability for all companies. Making knowledge and cost-effective solutions better accessible in the market will lead to overall higher cyber protection coverage.



Magic Stone provides professional cyber-security solutions that enable practical and active defense, allowing businesses to grow while keeping a secure working environment. Our experts select and assess cutting edge technologies and implement them for our clients. Our experts identify the cyber security gaps and advise on appropriate solutions. We rigorously select, consult on, implement & support the best available cyber security technologies. We perform cyber vulnerability and compliance scans. We help companies reduce their risk and unburden them from the care for cyber security so they can focus on their core business.

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