Small and Medium-sized businesses play an important role in the financial business economy. The SME/MKB account more than 60% of the overall value added and employment!

We have encountered few misconception that are common for business leaders in the SME/MKB segment

More than 50% of cyber attacks hit small and medium-size businesses

Statistics show an increase of cyber attacks on a yearly basis; Once attacked, it is more than just losing business, it means also facing penalties that can shut down businesses.

IT and cyber are not the same profession

Many smaller companies rely on their IT provider to take care of their cyber needs as well. 
There is a big difference between that two, after all would you service your car at the tyre specialist?

Solution for the SME/MKB

Magic Stone develops affordable SaaS service offerings based on these technologies for the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME/MKB), including appropriate smaller scale support

As your business grows we will scale up security with you.