Stop tomorrow’s phishing attacks today

Emails are our biggest vulnerability. Phishing emails are rapidly evolving and use advanced sophisticated methods to pass through the known traditional security gateways.

Ironscales is a next generation self-learning automated email security platform that prevents, detects, responds and predicts how the next phishing attack will look.


Your data, your rules

Collaboration and sharing data with suppliers, partners or any other 3rd parties puts your enterprise at high risk.  

SpecterX allows secure collaboration with third parties without giving away data ownership. That means that you can track, change or revoke right at any given time beyond your company’s parameters.

Ready for whatever’s next

Cato is the world’s first SASE platform, converging SD-WAN and network security into a global, cloud-native service. Cato optimizes and secures applications access for all users and locations. 


Using Cato, customers easily migrate from MPLS to SD-WAN, optimize global connectivity to on-premises and cloud applications, enable secure branch Internet access everywhere, and seamlessly integrate cloud datacenters and mobile users into the network with a zero trust architecture.

DDoS unavailability protection

Availability of your website can be of great importance for the continuity of business operations.

D.Storm offers:

  • a user-friendly interface
  • With which you can perform automated DDoS resistance tests
  • Analyze the results to understand how resilience can be improved
  • Many ready-made DDoS attack scenarios

Make Sure Your Website stays open for business

Limelight’s Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attack Interceptor ensures your web site remains open for business by defending against even the largest attacks intended to flood your web site with malicious traffic.

Next Generation Sensitive Data Classification & Masking systems

Companies databases are growing exponentially and databases are copied and shared internally and externally with suppliers, analysts and others. 

Data officers find it hard to keep track of their sensitive data locations. Infognito finds databases locations data officers didn’t know they had, by continuously mapping and classifying business sensitive data. Incognito’s sensitive data dashboard provides accurate and up-to-date visibility where sensitive data is stored.