Advanced email Phishing detection and response platform. Based on advanced machine learning and federation wisdom. Provides an advanced support interface and interacts with end-users to raise awareness.

The world-leading Cyber AI. Responds to cyber threats in real-time. Developed by Cambridge mathematicians and Intelligence experts, the DarkTrace Enterprise Immune System is self-learning and does not require any setup, rules or signatures. Advanced AI algorithms detect and respond to suspicious human or software behavior in any IT, IOT, or industrial equipment environment.

Cyrrebro is

An OSINT system that does not require any setup or configuration. Given a single domain name the system automatically discovers all footprint allowing no set up and providing immediate value. Our digital ecosystem keeps on changing, cloud-based technologies, SaaS services, suppliers, vendors and outsourcing become a cyber threat to any organization. Rescana is an automated continuous monitoring and to measure the security performance of your organization’s and 3rd party suppliers. We check your company’s compliancy, risk assessment of your company’s internet & cloud footprint and of your suppliers.